Sunnyvale Homeowners recycling their waste

 Sunnyvale Homeowners, thing before You Dump!

Often we don’t think about what we throw away? For example, how do you dispose of old, burnt out florescent lamps? Did you know florescent lamps can contain small amounts of mercury, a toxic pollutant?

When mercury-containing lights are improperly disposed or break, the toxic pollutant can be transported by air and runoff from rain can get in to our creeks and San Francisco Bay. The good news we have options, many of the local Silicon Valley Communities have set up disposal options. For example, Sunnyvale Homeowners can bring these toxic lights as well as batteries, thermometers, and thermostats to the Sunnyvale SMaRT station at 301 Carl Road, Sunnyvale, CA.

Sunnyvale Homeowners here are a few additional topics which might be of interest to you:

For other Silicon Valley residents take the next step, check with your local city officials to see how you can properly dispose the mercury contained fluorescent lights and other toxic waste. Be a friend to the environment!

Should have specific questions about Silicon Valley hazardous waste options in your community; feel free to contact Tom Stynes, your Silicon Valley Real Estate Expert.