The Chinese Cultural Garden hosts their 2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival on Sunday, Sept 25th. The day will include life performances, arts and crafts, face painting, mooncakes and much more.The Chinese culture has had a significant influence on our San Jose community.  Thousands of Chinese and Taiwanese people have immigrated to San Jose and other South Bay areas seeking jobs in the technology industry.  They brought the best aspects of their culture with them.  The Chinese Cultural Garden hosts the 2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival this Sunday to celebrate their culture in all its glory.

What: 2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival
Where: Overfelt Gardens, Chinese Cultural Garden (368 Educational Park Dr)
When: Sunday, September 25th, 1 pm to 5 pm
Admission: FREE
Contact: Sylvia Lowe, Program Director, Chinese Cultural Garden (408) 251-3323 or via email

2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival

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The Chinese Cultural Garden originated from an idea that Chinese immigrant Frank Lowe had back in 1971.  He loved the Eastern values that he was raised with while embracing the benefits that his new American lifestyle gave him.  He believed that there was a way to combine both Eastern and Western philosophies into a single harmonious lifestyle.  The Overfelt Gardens was the perfect place to create his vision.  Through his efforts as well as those of his American-born wife, Pauline, and Dr. Chen Li-Fu (of Taiwanese descent), the Chinese Cultural Garden became a reality.

The 2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival celebrates what Mr. Lowe envisioned many years ago: "under heaven, one family."  People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend the Gardens on Sunday afternoon.  Listen to traditional Chinese storytelling as it has been handed down from generation to generation.  View beautiful arts and crafts created by Chinese artists.  Watch live performances celebrating Chinese music and culture, including Lion Dancers.  Be amazed at the beauty of the art of calligraphy.  It truly brings the written word to life.  Don't forget to try the mooncakes.

Learn more about this Asian culture's influence on our San Jose lifestyle.  Bring your friends and family to the 2016 San Jose Chinese Moon Festival.  Underneath it all, we are just one big family.

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