When you visit a Los Gatos business between now and March 11th, look for a decorative paint can. This is the collection point for the Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser to help San Jose flood victims.After years of drought, California got hit by some serious storms this winter.  The Bay Area received its fair share of pummeling.  Last month, San Jose saw historic flooding like never before.  Officials estimates reported $70 million total property damage to the area, with $50 million of that to private property.  The Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser hopes to help our neighbors to the north by raising money for those displaced by the flooding.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" Fundraiser

People living in the  Los Gatos community are some of the most caring individuals you will find anywhere.  After all is said and done, 140 San Jose homes received significant damage while 399 experienced some minor damage after the Coyote Creek spilled over into surrounding areas.  Owners of one Silicon Valley business, the Maids Quarters, felt that they needed to do something.  So, owners Jennifer Croll and Claudia Mann thought up the Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser.  They spoke with other downtown Los Gatos businesses to coordinate efforts to raise money for relief efforts in San Jose.

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We naturally associate "rain" with "umbrellas."  Thus, the genesis of the Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser was born.  However, it was quickly decided that throwing money into an umbrella could create security problems.  That's when they decided to decorate paint cans and add a secured lid instead.  The Los Gatos Ace Hardware (also a donation site) generously donated empty paint cans for the cause.  Whenever you visit a downtown Los Gatos business between now and March 11th, look for one of the specially decorated paint cans at the check-out counter.  All money raised will be donated to Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.  They, in turn, will use it to help out those affected by the flooding.  

What if I Can't Make a Donation in Person?

Can't make it to a participating store before the Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser ends?  You can also donate online at CatholicCharitiesSCC.org/donate-now.  To keep track of where the money is coming from, please choose "Other" under the "I would like to designate my gift" section.  Then, type "Flood Relief LG."  For more information, please contact Catholic Charities at (408) 325-5191 or (408) 325-5125.

Whether online or in person, please donate whatever you can to the Los Gatos "Fill the Umbrella" fundraiser.  We want to help our fellow Silicon Valley neighbors as much as possible.  Every little bit helps. Thank you.

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