Now that more and more men are sharing the meal preparation work at home, men's input in kitchen design is on the rise.Have you heard the saying "a woman's place is in the kitchen"?  In today's world, that no longer applies.  According to the Women's Bureau, women make up approximately 47% of the workforce.  Thanks in part to the "foodie" trend, more and more men find themselves cooking and enjoying it.  It makes sense, then, that men's input in kitchen design is on the rise.

Men's Input in Kitchen Design Has Evolved

Search Silicon Valley Homes for SaleIn the past, the man typically controlled the finances in the household.  He would decide how much would be spent on a kitchen remodel.  However, this has changed.  Since many families require two incomes to maintain them, men and women share cooking duties.  A University of Michigan study conducted in 2012 found that Gen X men (those born between 1961 and 1981) prepared almost as many meals as women did each week.  Women still average around 10 to 12 meals per week.  However, men cook approximately eight of the at-home meals on a weekly basis.  Therefore, men want more say in their kitchen's design than just budgetary restrictions.

With the rise of men's input in kitchen design, we have seen a change in colors, accessories, "must haves" and other items.  Men tend to focus on cooking as part of the dining experience rather than a more utilitarian duty.  Since we see more couples entertaining guests in their home on a regular basis, kitchens have become an even bigger part of the household.  And, men are willing to spend more on appliances than women when they are directly involved with preparing meals.

One thing we see with men's input in kitchen design is an increase in blending traditionally male cooking (outdoor grilling/BBQ, etc.) with more refined indoor techniques.  Demand for thicker chopping blocks, higher BTUs for the broiler, pizza ovens, and big kitchen islands for guests to gather around has gone up.  Having men's input in kitchen design has only enhanced the cooking experience in Silicon Valley homes.  I say, bravo!

Tom Stynes, StynesGroup Real Estate Services, your source for Silicon Valley Real Estate