Third world countries and war torn regions aren't the only places you'll find starving people.  Even in a country as wealthy as the United States, millions of people struggle for a proper meal.  According to Feeding America, 42.2 million Americans live in what would be categorized as a "food insecure" household.  Of those 42+ million, over 13 million are children.  The San Jose Free Little Pantry fights food insecurity in Silicon Valley on a very local level.

The San Jose Free Little Pantry located at the San Jose Clubhouse offers food and toiletries to Silicon Valley families in need at a time that is most convenient for them.

San Jose Free Little Pantry

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Yes, Silicon Valley is known for its affluence.  However, some residents still encounter difficulties in feeding their families.  The San Jose Free Little Pantry at the San Jose Clubhouse in the City's Cambrian Park neighborhood strives to ease the struggles of these families even if just by a little bit.

In recent months, the idea of The Little Free Pantry took off on social media.  As a response to lack of access to pantries, many communities decided to take on the mantle of fighting hunger for themselves.  This grassroots project made its way into the hearts and heads of some local Silicon Valley women.  With the help of another neighbor who made the actual cabinet in which food and toiletries are stored, the San Jose Free Little Pantry was born.

Where is the San Jose Free Little Pantry Located?

The cabinet housing free items for residents of our San Jose community in need is installed discreetly on the side of the San Jose Clubhouse (15480 Union Ave).  This allows the less fortunate to retain their sense of dignity as well as their privacy.  So far, seven San Jose residents and students from neighboring Leigh High School and Union Middle School rotate checking on the cabinet to ensure it remains stocked with items. 

How Can You Help the San Jose Free Little Pantry?

The San Jose Free Little Pantry always welcomes donations.  They accept toiletries (such as shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste) as well as nonperishable food items.  Sometimes, they find themselves short on certain items.  Please email to find out what the pantry needs and to arrange a donation drop off.  Your help is always appreciated.

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