Use this Silicon Valley Fall home checklist to identify potential problems and fix them before you have an issue.Welcome to the first day of November.  Just two more months until we usher in the new year.  Where does the time go?  Crisp temperatures signal that Autumn has arrived.  Before you know it, winter will be here in full force.  Be prepared for cold weather now.  Use this Silicon Valley Fall home checklist to locate and avoid potential problems.

Silicon Valley Fall Home Checklist

Winter weather wreaks havoc with your Silicon Valley home.  Air leaks mean that warm air escapes while cold air forces its way inside.  Plumbing gets hit hard by varying temperatures.  Warm weather expands pipes while cold weather constricts it.  This can cause water leaks.  All of this costs you, the homeowner, money.  Avoid potential problems by proactively seeking out possible issues.  This Silicon Valley Fall home checklist can help you spot areas that may need your attention right now.

Interior Silicon Valley Fall Home Checklist

Moisture - Water is a mighty force.  It forges canyons.  It eats away at rock.  It can destroy a home.  Look for moisture around windows and ceilings.  Check the caulking around all doors, bathtubs, showers, sinks and the bases of your toilets.  Replace cracked or decayed caulking to ensure a secure seal.  Check for leaks from all faucets, at the hose bibs or around the supply valves.

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Doors and Windows - These are the most vulnerable points of a home.  If the outside weather is going to get in, these are the most likely targets.  While cracked caulking is easy to fix, it might not be the cure for all leaks.  You may want to consider replacing single pane windows with more energy efficient dual pane windows.  Replace any loose or cracked weatherstripping on exterior doors.  If you can see daylight through your door, cold air can get inside.

HVAC - Your heating and air conditioning system gets a serious workout when temperatures change.  Turn on your heater.  Check the tension on your fan belt to make sure it is working properly.  Listen for any unusual noises that might indicate an issue.  Contact a professional if necessary.  You want to make sure your system works correctly before you depend on it in harsher winter weather.

Electrical - Examine light fixture and extension cords for exposed wiring.  Replace where necessary.  The origin of too many Silicon Valley home fires trace back to exposed wires during the winter time.

Exterior Silicon Valley Fall Home Checklist

Roofing - We tend to overlook our roofs until there is a problem.  Before you have trouble, grab a ladder and head up top.  Inspect the surface for loose, damaged or missing shingles.  Water can get through open seams, bald patches or blistered areas.  Clear the gutters of any built up debris.  Stagnant water will find a way down.  It would be better for you if it had a clear path to the ground through the gutters rather than straight down into your home.  Downspouts should divert water away from your foundation.  Investigate the condition of your trim and soffits (where the overhang meets the home).  Repair or replace any part that might be damaged or deteriorated.

Foundation - Cracks in the foundation can mean serious problems for Silicon Valley homeowners.  Also, check for any heaving, breakdown, deterioration or crystal-like water deposits.  Do you have a fireplace?  Check the chimney for mortar degradation or missing/broken bricks.  Make sure all wood surfaces are painted and sealed against the weather conditions.  Lastly, look at your deck, patio, exterior stairs, walkways and railings for cracks or damage.

For more information about getting your Silicon Valley home ready for winter, please read our Seven Easy Ways to Prepare Your Property for Autumn from last year.

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