We all know about separating trash into recyclable, yard trimmings and regular trash. But what do you do with old medicine, empty propane tanks, batteries or electronic devices? They aren't allowed in a regular curbside pickup. 

Make an appointment with the Silicon Valley Household Hazardous Waste Program 2017 to get rid of any items (except tires) that aren't allowed at regular curbside pickup.

Silicon Valley Household Hazardous Waste Program 2017

All household waste that cannot be picked up through weekly curbside pickup must be dropped off at an official facility during normal business hours. To do so, residents need to contact the Silicon Valley Household Hazardous Waste Program at (408) 299-7300 or visit the HHW.org website online to make an appointment. At that time, they will be given the address of the drop-off facility as well as directions. Staff must be on hand to supervise the drop-off. Therefore, addresses are not made public to avoid anyone dropping off material without authorization.

Silicon Valley Household Hazardous Waste Schedule

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Currently, the HHW.org website only lists dates up through the end of October 2017. Cupertino and Palo Alto offer their own individual hazardous waste disposal programs. Therefore, residents of those cities must call 800-449-7587 (Cupertino) or 650-496-5910 (Palo Alto) to make arrangements. They do not accept used automotive tires due to strict landfill regulations from the state. Most tire companies will dispose of the tires for you for a small fee when you buy new tires.

San Jose Facility

  • September 28th, 29th & 30th
  • October - every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Santa Clara Facility

  • September 30th only

Sunnyvale Facility

  • October 21st only

The Silicon Valley Household Hazardous Waste Program accepts almost all hazardous waste. When you make your appointment, ask the staff member to make sure your items are allowed. Let's all do our part to ensure the planet stays viable for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

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