The City needs your help in officially deciding what to do with the Silicon Valley real estate known as the Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor.For the past year, the City of Sunnyvale has been mulling over ideas about what to do with the Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor.  This has been the most talked about piece of Silicon Valley real estate for months now.  The City held community workshops.  They've conducted open City Hall meetings.  They've held meetings with the planning committee.  They've managed to narrow down the dozens of options to just three.  Now, the City wants your input in determining the final draft of the ECR Plan to officially carry out.

Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor

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The City asks all residents to visit their Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor website as soon as possible.  Once you are there, you can look over each of the three options available.  The City requests that you check out each option, tell them which one you prefer the most and why you chose that particular option.  Think about how you personally use the corridor (is it a destination for shopping and dining or do you just use it to move through the City?).  Do you walk, bike, drive or use public transportation to get to ECR?  How do you see it being used in the future?

Different Options to Consider for the Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor

Option C - In this case, the "C" stands for "commercial".  This plan focuses primarily on commercial use for this Silicon Valley real estate.  It restricts residential usage in each of the four "nodes": Western, Eastern, Downtown and Community Center.  However, the area in between these nodes would be more sharply focused on commercial use than the other two options.

Option M - Remember "M" for "mixed use".  This plan promotes a balance between commercial and residential usage throughout the entire ECR area.  It keeps the "node" concept while more sharply defining their boundaries.

Option R - This plan focuses on "residential" usage.  It encourages more residential development along the corridor than either of the other two options.  Mixed-use area remains more concentrated in the nodes, with residential primarily focused in specific areas within each node.

You can review each option as well as compare them to the others by visiting the Sunnyvale El Camino Real Corridor's website here.

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