All around Silicon Valley, cities have been working on how to make each community better.  Committees get together to draw up plans for the future of our neighborhoods.  Sunnyvale is no exception.  The City Council recently unveiled their vision of what the City could like by the year 2035.  Their Sunnyvale General Plan includes implementation of "village centers."  These centers will be mixed use spaces that allow seamless retail and residential coexistence.

The Sunnyvale General Plan includes implementation of village centers around the City by 2035 to increase its walkability score, lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and help alleviate pollution.

Sunnyvale General Plan

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One portion of the Sunnyvale General Plan (the Land Use and Transportation Element or LUTE) focuses on where residential, industrial and commercial properties will be placed.  Developers used Santana Row in San Jose as inspiration for Sunnyvale village centers.  That could be why Council members agreed on the plan 6-1 last month.

The Sunnyvale General Plan identified seven prospects around the City as possibilities for future village centers.  These areas include:

  • Fair Oaks & Tasman (near Moffet Park)
  • Intersection of Fremont & Mary
  • Intersection of Sunnyvale-Saratoga & Fremont
  • Maude Ave. (by Peery Park)
  • North of Hwy 101 near Lawrence Expwy
  • Old San Francisco & Wolfe
  • South of Hwy 101, west of Lawrence Expwy

In addition to these seven designated areas, the Sunnyvale General Plan includes the recommendation for several other village centers but on a smaller scale.

Why Village Centers?

Silicon Valley's walking score ranks high among its residents as a priority for living here.  They want to be able to live, shop and be entertained in one central location, i.e., within walking/bicycling distance of each other.  This lessens our dependence on fossil fuels.  It also helps alleviate pollution caused by automotive traffic.  Focusing on village centers will help Sunnyvale achieve this goal.

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