Grant / Cuesta Park / Sylvan Park Homes for Sale

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The Grant/Sylvan Park vicinity is an attractive neighborhood featuring exquisite homes and a community of single family dwellings. During its early days, the Grant area represented the heart of Mountain View homesteading vast orchards fields. The historic Mercer House (1900c.), located at 2221 Grant Road, is a breathtaking example of Queen Anne style architecture. Built for the sons of Charles H. Mercer, a San Francisco-based candy manufacturer, this historical landmark is nestled in an area still surrounded by beautiful estate homes and relatively private roads disconnected from main thoroughfares.

(Bounded on the north by Central Expressway and reaching to Mountain View’s southern and eastern division. El Camino Real runs perpendicular to lengthy Grant Road.)



  • Cooper Park - Chesley Avenue & Yorkton Drive - Amenities include: Basketball court, children's playground, soccer/football field, passive areas, picnic area, softball field, tennis courts, and restrooms.
  • Sylvan Park - Sylvan Avenue & DeVoto Street - Amenities include BBQ facilities, children's playground, horseshoe area, passive areas, picnic area, tennis courts, and restrooms.

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Mt. View Neighborhood Associations

  • North Waverly Park
  • Dutch Haven Neighborhood
  • Martens-Carmelita Neighborhood