Ortega Park (Sunnyvale) Homes for Sale

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Welcome to Ortega Park in the heart of Silicon Valley! Located in Sunnyvale, California, Ortega Park borders other great Sunnyvale neighborhoods such as Nimitz, Birdland, and Homestead. Ortega Park is known for its fantastic location, beautiful park within the community, great schools and overall family- friendly environment. Neighbors also love that it is safe, clean and peaceful here! Ortega Park includes delicious food, traveling, family time, going to the movies, hiking and camping. The majority of homes are single family and owner occupied. It is a beautiful, quiet suburb and a great place to live.

Ortega Park, the Park

Ortega has a top-rated park within the community. It is an 18-acre park with a Victorian theme and simply beautiful. It’s a very popular place for families to gather for special occasions. Also, the park includes basketball courts, a children’s play area, cricket pitch, horseshoe pits, a reserve-able multi-use field, restrooms, shuffleboard and tennis courts. Quite a list! All in all, a great area for getting active and having fun!


OPNA is the Ortega Park Neighborhood Association. They have their website for community members and residents to join and stay connected and involved with the community. Neighborhood Associations keep the area active, clean and bring a sense of community awareness and involvement for its residents.


Centrally located, Ortega Park provides access to several schools nearby; Stocklmeir Elementary, Nimitz Elementary, Cupertino Middle and Fremont High.


Ortega Park is in a great area of Sunnyvale, providing quick access to major roads like Homestead Road, Fremont Ave, Wolfe Road and El Camino Way. It is convenient and has easy access to I-280 and the 85 freeway. Shopping off Wolfe Road and El Camino is just minutes away. Find delicious dining options and lots of family activities within walking distance.